Straight up guys, great prices. Much better than the dealer service I had been using for my Ford SUV.

L B.
Belmont, CA

Harry and Ted are two of the last honest mechanics in San Mateo. They never BS you, just fix what is wrong and charge a reasonable price, no unnecessary “extras” that most German car repair shops seem to always include. These guys can fix just about anything on any make of car. I could not recommend them more highly

John C.
San Mateo, CA

I have had my car serviced here for YEARS and they are great. Also it seems that the price of the fuel has been the same price as the station down the street for a while now so that is great- I am saving a few pennies since I never go there anyway 🙂 Staff are all nice and helpful. Someone is onsite until 8pm.

Kristin O.
San Mateo, CA

Just had a very efficient oil change. When I arrived home, I found one of my tires had a nail stuck in it. I called the repair shop and they said to come immediately, and they fixed it in 15 min or so. They also split the charge with me, though it’s not clear at all what happened. I thought that was nice and professional.

Cat C.
San Mateo, CA

I feel fortunate that I live up the street from this 76 station. Harry and Ted have worked on our cars and resolved a number of issues for us in the last seven years that we have lived in the highlands. The service has been reliable, straightforward and reasonably priced each time. They have been helpful on a number of small issues as well, helping with nails in tires, oil, etc. These guys know what they are doing and they are easy and friendly to work with. I always feel confident when they are taking care of our cars. Really, these are the type of people you hope to find wen you are having car troubles. Like most of the other reviewers here, I could not recommend them more.

Astrid S.
San Mateo, CA

Just had another great experience here. Took my car in for an oil change and asked them to check the power steering fluid because it was turning a little tight. Harry told me the fuel pump was going out – I asked how much to fix and he said around $600. He then gave me a print out verifying that the part was under warranty due to a recent recall and I can have it done for free at a dealership. Wow! What service! Love this place.

Jill R.
San Mateo, CA

I’ve been coming to this station for years now. I’ve had my brakes replaced, my overheated engine attended to, oil changed, and on and on. This station is near my house and when I end up in a pinch I know that whatever my car needs will be taken care of honestly, fairly and expertly. The owner, Hari, is warm and friendly and smart. Don’t hesitate to take your car to them. I’ve seen gorgeous classics there as well, a 1960’s Mercury Cougar most recently. You know the mechanics are trusted when you see that people take their precious, irreplaceable classic cars there.

Karina M.
San Mateo, CA

We have been coming to this station since we moved to this area about 1.5 years ago. We really like Harry and this person (I believe his name is Ted) as they are very customer oriented and helpful. They serviced our Honda van for various occations and we are very satisfied. We are very lucky to find these guys!

Shoji M.
Hillsborough, CA

Very helpful and knowledgable. I was driving on 92 when a warning light on the dashboard went on. I exited and drove to this station. The mechanic knew it indicated low tire pressure, he had me pull over to the air compressor He checked to find the recommended pressure and then filled up all four tires. He also told me the Lexus spare tire has a sensor too, and if that tire is low, the warning light also goes on. I was in and out of his station is less than 10 minutes! Friendly, professional — will come back whenever in the area.

Barbara P
San Mateo, CA.

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